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Christine Diveley Interior Design (CDID) is a full-service interior design company dedicated to creating unique, functional, and timeless interiors. As president, Christine Diveley personally assists each client in evaluating their needs and helping them realize their dreams. Every project is always a reflection of the occupant's lifestyles and expectations.

Christine was raised and educated in Paris, France. She received her Bachelor's degree in interior design in 1999 from the Design Institute in San Diego. She has the unique advantage of being influenced by European, African, and American decorative arts.
Prior to her design career, Christine received a Master's degree in psychology from the Sorbonne, which has enabled her to communicate easily and better understand her client's needs.
Christine lives in San Diego with her husband. She is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters.

One of Christine's clients, a homebuilder, doesn't hestitate to recommend Christine Diveley interior design to clients as well as friends: "It has been a truly amazing and successful partnership that exceeded our very high expectations. Christine has not only a great sense of design, but is also professional and exacting in her attention to detail. You can hire top-tier designers all day long, but can you work with them? This is perhaps Christine's strongest suit. She is not only honest, but hard-working and, most importantly, fun! After all, if you don't have fun in the process, why are you doing it?"